Lambert & Lambert Licenses Stay Put Cutlery

Lambert & Lambert Licenses Stay Put Cutlery

The stay-put cutlery and bowl set helps prevent your toddler from dropping or tossing utensils on the floor and helps them learn to feed themselves. Meals are more fun when your toddler feels more in control and you feel relaxed!

  • To use: place the suction pads of the cutlery as close as possible to bowl and the child. The suction pads stick best to smooth, non porous surfaces. They will not stick to wooden high chair trays or surfaces that are badly scratched or uneven
  • Hand wash only
  • Aids in the coordination development
  • Each item in the set attaches with suction pads to the feeding surface
  • Enables children to develop the additional control needed to achieve independent feeding
  • The length and function of the coils work to increase the child’s control
  • Returning action of the coils cleverly mimics the natural reflexes of young children
  • Length of the coil provides an avenue of movement
  • Soft, non-slip, gripping flexible coils with special retention
  • For ages 9 – 24 months

Lambert & Lambert is a marketing and licensing agency based in Minneapolis, MN that represents inventions and new products in the consumer products industry on a contingency basis.  Call 651.552.0080 or email us at for more details.
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