Featured Product: Abliterator

The ABLITERATOR™ provides a revolutionary solution for eliminating love handles and strengthening the core midsection muscles. Unlike traditional “Ab Workout” machines, the ABLITERATOR™ frees the user from having to lie down or kneel to work out.

By stepping onto the non-slip platform and grasping the ergonomically designed handles, users are able to pivot around their waist in a fluid motion, working all major midsection muscle groups.

This makes the ABLITERATOR™ ideal for all ages and body types, large or small, and provides a stunningly aerobic exercise, burning fat and calories.

Lambert & Lambert is a marketing and licensing agency based in Minneapolis, MN that represents inventions and new products in the consumer products industry on a contingency basis.  Call 651.552.0080 or email us at info@lambertinvent.com for more details.
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