Lambert & Lambert Licenses Kingstand(TM) Product

The Kingstand Workstation is an innovative multi-function device that creates a convenient portable work area or table for job sites, the garage, around the home, at picnics, tailgating or camping – wherever you need a table! Now anyone can have a work surface, table or serving area quickly and easily. From contractors to homemakers the Kingstand Workstation has nearly infinite uses, and thus an incredibly large potential market.

Differentiation/Uniqueness It’s patented system provides a compact and easily transported table on wheels and within seconds it can go from six inches of thickness to over eight feet wide! The Kingstand Workstation can be utilized in numerous configurations depending on the desired task. It is universal to miter saws as an in-feed out-feed table with both wings up; it can be used as a wheeled table for paint and tools with the wings down; or it could provide a folding station for clothing with one wing extended. Furthermore, the unit can be made in aluminum, steel or acrylic depending on the market or use, and it can include numerous accessories for residual sales or product line extensions.

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