Lambert & Lambert Gets As Seen On TV Deal for Thumb Lite

Unlocking a door in a dark entryway. Rummaging through a purse for something small. Finding a dropped item on a nighttime walk. There are countless scenarios when a flashlight would come in handy, but most of us aren’t prepared to lug around a bulky flashlight at all times. For those unexpected moments when you need more light, Thumb-Lite is ready to illuminate.

Smaller than a nickel, Thumb-Lite sticks to just about anything you can imagine: a key, cell phone, money clip, outlet cover, coffee mug, hammer. It’s ergonomically designed so that you can operate it with one hand, the way you naturally grip an object. The super bright LED light runs on a replaceable alkaline battery that will last three to five years; the case is made of steel with chrome plating; and the adhesive is a high-grade solid acrylic for long-lasting adhesion.

  • Made of high grade steel with chrome plating.
  • High strength adhesive, press on application.
  • Recessed On Button, hold to stay on.
  • Operating Force: Light Touch.
  • Water Resistant.
  • No tools necessary for installation.
  • Long-life lithium batteries, 3 to 5 years
(before replacement).
  • Fits on Small Keys and Automotive Keys.
  • Clean and dry surface you intend to attach Thumb-lite. Remove protective film on back of Thumb-Lite. Place Thumb-Lite with LED facing desired direction. Hold firmly to allow adhesive to stick to object. Allow some time for adhesive to set up.
  • Battery: Type: 2x Alkaline LR41
  • Dimentions:  0.614″ x 0. 823″ x 0.275″
  • Made in Taiwan.


  • Wavelength: 6,000nm
  • Light Intensity: 6,000 to 8,000 mcd
  • Operating Life: 10 years
(lifetime Thumb-lite warranty)
  • Color: Bright White

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