Lambert & Lambert Licenses Clean Breeze(R) Truck Screen

Lambert & Lambert licenses clean breeze truck screen

The Clean Breeze Truck Screen® is an innovative NEW product designed to improve the experience of driving your truck. If you have a sliding rear window, then you know what it’s like to want the open air feeling, but don’t enjoy the resulting debris that enters your cab. The Clean Breeze Truck Screen® eliminates this problem, by providing a durable barrier between you and the elements, making the open rear slider a more enjoyable option.

Made in the USA from top quality materials, this product adds security, and efficiency to your truck. Reduce the need for air conditioning by keeping your rear window open more frequently. Feel more confident about leaving your truck with the slider open, by knowing that the Clean Breeze Truck Screen® is keeping out everything but the Clean Breeze®.

Lambert & Lambert is a marketing and licensing agency based in Minneapolis, MN that represents inventions and new products in the consumer products industry on a contingency basis.  Call 651.552.0080 or email us at for more details.
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