Lambert & Lambert Licenses Seal Pro Paint Trays

Imagine completing an extensive painting project–without worrying about your paint or wet rollers drying out! The Seal Pro paint tray employs a traditional locking system that displaces 95% of any air in the paint tray, allowing the paint roller and paint to be stored in the tray for days.

Measures 13″W” x 7″H x 17″L.
Lifetime LMW.
Made in USA.

  • seal pro paint tray with built in magnetized paint brush storage system
  • handle rest for paint roller
  • work station for accessory storage
  • one 9″ roller and frame
  • one 4″ mini roller and frame
  • one edger pad
  • one paint mixer drill attachment, drill not included

Lambert & Lambert is a marketing and licensing agency based in Minneapolis, MN that represents inventions and new products in the consumer products industry on a contingency basis.  Call 651.552.0080 or email us at for more details.
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