Featured Product: Solar Chasers Cat Toy

The Solar Chasers Cat Toy marries environmental responsibility, fun, and spontaneity into the life of you and your feline friends!  It works purely off the power of the sun.  No batteries to replace EVER means no added cost or worse, shelving your toy indefinitely because you don’t have any batteries around!

Simply place our toy onto any clean window that gets direct sunlight, place the switch to the “Sun Powered” position, sit back and enjoy watching your feline friends play the day away!  The toy will automatically start itself up and turn itself off when it senses the solar cell is being struck by sunlight!

But what if the sun is setting and your best feline friend isn’t done playing? Not a problem with The Solar Chaser, simply detach the wand for endless hours of one on one play with your kitty.

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