Featured Product: Wright Safety Jack

The “Wright Safety Jack” is a World First incorporating a safety stand and jack into one unit and was developed by Australian inventor and truck driver Peter Wright.

For added safety and durability, the “Wright Safety Jack” has made working under a truck or trailer much easier. There is no need to be laying under a truck on the hot ground skinning your knuckles while jacking your vehicle as it is not only a jack but a proven Safety Stand all in one.

The “Wright Safety Jack” is easier than a traditional jack  because you simply place the jack against the axle of a trailer or truck; either drive forward or reverse approximately four inches until the “Wright Safety Jack” stands upright lifting the tires off the ground.

The Wright Safety Jack has no moving parts that will  wear out or  have seals that will leak.  Hydraulic Jack and similar lifting equipment require someone to be under the Truck or Trailer while it is being lifted or lowered being a considerable personal risk.

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