Invention Services

The Bridge To Licensing Success

Lambert Licensing, simply put, is the bridge between your invention and the manufacturers who want your invention. Through our team of specialists we provide the information, resources, and contacts necessary to get your invention in the hands of these important people.

The best part about it is that our service is virtually FREE! All that you pay is the initial evaluation fee. If we come to the conclusion that your invention is indeed a great one, the rest of the licensing process is on us. This includes the cost of all our hours spent developing your invention, the marketing material, travel, presentations, legal expenses…everything.

The only time that we get paid is when you receive royalties from a licensing agreement. From that point our share of licensing revenue is 25-30% and so the inventor’s share is 70-75%.

Don’t Be Another Statistic!

A startling fact is that only 2-3% of all patented inventions ever make more money for the inventor than they invested into it. Why? Most commonly we have found that many inventors simply do not understand many of the business principles that govern such transactions. Moreover, although they are brilliant in various aspects of engineering and the conception of their ideas, they do not know these important decision makers or how to present their inventions effectively.

We at Lambert Licensing will bridge this gap and become a critical team member in the licensing of our clients’ inventions. We attend trade shows throughout the world and make face-to-face presentations with potential licensees. Finally, we will negotiate a lucrative licensing agreement based on what manufacturers are looking for.

With the right strategies and agent working for you, the opportunities for your invention are endless. We at Lambert Licensing will seek out these opportunities and even risk our own time and financial resources to make it happen. We are just looking for good inventions to work with.

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